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New Richmond Utilities Employees and Customers

Front Page News

Tune up to save! (4/16/2008)

Tree Power! (4/16/2008)

New Richmond Utilities Offers Scholarship Programs (2/8/2008)

New Richmond Utilities Donated $2,400 in 2007 (1/22/2008)

Utility to Sponsor Educational Touring Theater Show (1/22/2008)

Let LEDs light your holiday (12/5/2007)

PowerTown at FA Memorial Library (11/20/2007)

How many Fourth Graders does it take to light up a light bulb? (11/20/2007)

Kids Explore Renewable Energy at Asset Carnival (10/12/2007)

New Meter Reader Joins NRU (10/4/2007)

Power supplier harnesses sun’s power (10/1/2007)

Celebrate energy awareness (10/1/2007)

New Richmond City Administrator Named to National Honor Roll (9/4/2007)

New Richmond Utilities Celebrates Public Power (8/28/2007)

A Basket Full of Laundry Tips (7/16/2007)

Energy Education Resources donated to C.A. Friday Memorial Library (7/16/2007)

Local High School Student Receives New Richmond Utilities Scholarship (5/16/2007)

NRU Educates New Richmond Students (4/3/2007)

New Richmond Utilities Offers Scholarship Programs (3/13/2007)

Power Supplier Adds Two Michigan Utilities (2/26/2007)

Conserving Energy While Staying Warm (2/26/2007)

Let LEDs Light Your Holiday (12/19/2006)

New Richmond Utilities awards scholarships to local teachers (12/19/2006)

Kids Generate Fun and Power at Asset Carnival (11/21/2006)

Halloween Fun at NRU (11/6/2006)

It’s Time to “Button Up Your Home” (9/19/2006)

The State Of WPPI (9/19/2006)


Powerful Savings (7/19/2006)

How to Hire to Wire (7/19/2006)

Green Roofs Gaining Acceptance in U.S. (5/23/2006)

Don't Dig Yourself into Trouble - Call First! (5/11/2006)

Winter Moratorium Ends (3/24/2006)

A Big Welcome To Our Newest Employees! (3/24/2006)

Resolve to Shed Those kWhs (2/2/2006)

Bosch Doboy and NRU Work Together for Energy Efficiency (1/30/2006)

New Richmond Electric Utility Presents PowerTown! (11/15/2005)

New Youth Adivsor on Utility Commission (11/15/2005)

New Meter Reader Joins Utility (11/1/2005)

Utility Holds 4th Annual Customer Appreciation Picnic (9/2/2005)

Power Supplier Observing Silver Anniversary (9/1/2005)

Be Aware of Electrical Equipment (6/30/2005)

New Richmond Recognized for Safety Record (5/5/2005)

Scholarship Winner Rachel Kerr! (5/5/2005)

New Meter Reader Joins Utilities (3/8/2005)

New Communities Join Wisconsin Public Power Inc. (1/18/2005)

Scholarship Available (1/5/2005)

Increase Your Comfort This Winter (11/24/2004)

Save Time and Energy with CFLs (11/24/2004)

Utility Promotes Safety at Asset Carnival (10/27/2004)

Utility Makes Donation to Local Organization (10/22/2004)

October is National Energy Awareness Month (9/20/2004)

Mayor Receives Award for Contributions to Benefit Municipal Utility Customers (9/20/2004)

2-Cycle Billing Coming Soon (8/11/2004)

Give Your Electric Bill a Vacation (7/7/2004)

Lightning Kills, Play It Safe! (7/7/2004)

Utility Celebrates Water Week (5/18/2004)

May is National Electrical Safety Month (5/4/2004)

Utility Presents Electrical Safety Program (4/22/2004)

Customers Urged to Make Payment Arrangements as Moratorium Ends (4/9/2004)

Summer Watering Program Eliminated (3/9/2004)

Incentive Available to Business Customers (3/9/2004)

Utility Celebrates Public Power Week (11/6/2003)

Energy Assistance Available to Income-Qualified Customers (10/2/2003)

The Advantages of Public Power (10/2/2003)

Resources in Place for Summer Electrical Demands (6/4/2003)

Harness Nature's Energy (4/22/2003)

Power Supplier Earns Award of Excellence (4/22/2003)

New Richmond Utilities Welcomes Dale Sullivan! (3/5/2003)

Kathy Rivard Retires! (2/6/2003)

Energy Tips for Winter (2/6/2003)

New Richmond Utilities welcomes new employee (12/20/2002)

The Power to Make Our Community Better (11/26/2002)

Energy Assistance Available to Income-Qualified Customers (10/29/2002)

Utility Celebrates Customer Appreciation Day (10/17/2002)

Wind Turbines Dedicated Aug. 13 (9/25/2002)

October is National Energy Awareness Month (9/25/2002)

Electric Truck Demonstration at the Library (8/7/2002)

New Drive-up Drop Box (8/7/2002)

New Utility Billing System Creates Reader-Friendly Bills (7/3/2002)

May is National Electrical Safety Month (4/25/2002)

Careful Planning Helps Keep the Lights On (4/12/2002)

Power Supplier Adds Wind Power (4/12/2002)

Ice Dams Cause Winter Woes (1/18/2002)

New Office for New Richmond Utilities (9/6/2001)

Renewable Energy Program Now Available (9/6/2001)