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New Richmond Utilities Employees and Customers

Key Contacts
Key Contacts
Map & Directions

Dennis Horner - City Admin/Utilities Manager
(715) 246-3628 office phone

Tom Rickard - Electric Superintendent
(715) 243-0437 shop phone
(715) 246-4167 office phone
(715) 381-3959 cell phone

Rick Powers - Water Superintendent
(715) 243-0436 shop phone
(715) 246-4167 office phone
(715) 377-3164 cell phone

Dennis Holtz - Wastewater Supervisor
(715) 246-2726 plant phone
(715) 246-4167 office phone
(715) 222-4203 cell phone

Nancy Petersen - Finance, Accounting and Office Manager
(715) 246-4167 office phone

Weston Arndt - Energy Services Representative
(715) 246-4167 office phone
(715) 243-0492 direct office phone