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New Richmond Utilities Employees and Customers


High school seniors looking for an outlet for their writing creativity could generate $750.00 in cash for their continuing education.

Each year, New Richmond Utilities along with our power supplier WPPI, offers a $750.00 high school scholarship to high school seniors.

The 2007 scholarship program materials will be available this fall through this web site or by contacting the high school guidance or utility offices.

New Richmond Utilities is proud to help in the educational efforts of our community’s youth. Through this scholarship program, we have helped seven local students with his/her continuing education.

Past winners include:

  • Heather Pitzen - 2007
  • Thea Somers - 2006
  • Rachel Kerr - 2005
  • No Applicants - 2004
  • Trisha Reed - 2003
  • Anna Klasen - 2002
  • Tim Bergman - 2001
  • Hollie Engesether - 2000
  • Molly Wilson - 1999
  • Katie Meyer - 1998