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New Richmond Utilities Employees and Customers

Speakers Bureau

NRU Educates New Richmond Students

On March 22, 2007 New Richmond Utilities presented an electrical safety program to all second graders at West Elementary. This presentation is called powerTOWN and teaches kids of all ages how to be safe around electricity and electrical equipment. Following the presentation a short movie called “Louis the Lightning Bug” is shown to reinforce electrical safety. New Richmond Utilities offers this program yearly to second graders, and we also offer a water and wastewater presentation to fourth graders in May regarding National Water Week.

New Richmond Utilities has sponsored a touring theater show designed to educate young students about energy conservation and electrical safety. The fast-paced, educational program called “Men in Plaid: The Kilowatt Connection” involves elementary school students in the subject matter by encouraging audience participation and presenting lessons in a manner that children enjoyed. Produced by The National Theatre for Children, a Minnesota-based national touring company, the “Men in Plaid” program uses colorful sets and characters in humorous situations to teach students about the concepts and importance of conserving energy and playing it safe around electricity. In the program, special agents Moldy and Skuller received an important message from MIP (Men in Plaid) headquarters about a crisis ready to explode. They followed the trail of The Slug and along the way taught both aliens and humans about energy conservation.

The performances were coordinated by New Richmond Utilities and their power supplier, Wisconsin Public Power Inc., a power company based in Sun Prairie that provides electricity and support services to more than 40 municipal electric utilities in Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan.

March 30, 2007 Employees from New Richmond Utilities presented Pedal Power at the East Elementary School to the 4th graders. Pedal Power is a bicycle-powered generator that teaches basic scientific concepts related to the conversion of energy from one form to another and its efficient use for lighting, heating and transportation. These concepts become tangible as the cyclist literally feels the effort required to light a bulb, heat water, or spin a motor.

o presented were basic electric concepts along with circuit demostrations and energy conservation.