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New Richmond Utilities Employees and Customers

Backup Generator Programs

Do you have a need for a backup generator to protect your operations against an occasional interruption of power? Or, have you already invested in a standby generator to ensure a continuous power supply to your facility during an electrical outage?

Whether you are in need of an onsite generator or already have one, our Backup Generator Programs deliver cost-effective solutions to your electric reliability needs. Through our power supplier, Wisconsin Public Power Inc., we offer programs that will either eliminate the risks of owning a backup generator or pay you monthly for the right to call on your generator when the demand for electricity peaks.

WPPI-Owned Generator: An Opportunity for Premium Reliability

While the reliability of electric service is typically better than 99.9 percent, a single power outage lasting just a few minutes can cause costly disruptions to your production and operation schedules. One option we can offer helps you maintain control of your business during electric service interruptions with very little risk or investment.

Facilities with standby service needs of 500 kilowatts (kW) or greater can benefit from having a backup generator connected right at their location. Minimizing your financial risk, WPPI will install, own, operate and service the generator, which will automatically start within 20 seconds after a utility service outage is detected.

During periods of peak electrical demand or when energy prices spike, WPPI may occasionally call on the unit as a generating resource. Because of this, WPPI shares in paying the cost of the generator, making your fixed monthly payments more economical.

Customer-Owned Generator: Earn a Return on Your Investment

A second option allows you to capture enhanced electric reliability and operational savings from your own backup generator. If you already have a generator protecting your facility against unexpected power outages, we can help you earn a return on your investment.

While providing an added level of security to your business, standby generators sit idle the overwhelming majority of the time. Now you can take advantage of that down time to offset the cost of owning the unit.

An Untapped Power Resource

WPPI will make monthly payments to customers with generators 500 kW or larger who agree to make their backup unit available as a generating resource during periods of peak power demand.

Participants must be able to bring their interconnected or standby generator online within 30 minutes notice and will be compensated for the fuel needed to power the unit when called into service by WPPI.

For more information, contact Energy Services Representative Weston Arndt at 715-246-4167.